Chris Buckwarld.

It gets dark when you’re trying to get your life in order. shit blows up in your face, people leave, you may cry a lot, you lose and you learn your lesson.

Growing up I never thought my life would change so much, that today I would be in some situations that I never thought I would find myself in. Working a 9–5 job and not being able to enjoy the summer as I am always working or to be able get…

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habits is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun

I am not a fitness guru but I realize the reason why I lost interest in working out is because I was doing the opposite of these things that I am about to list below. …

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you’re probably thinking about how everyone else is getting in relationships, getting married, having kids while you’ve never been in a relationship, still single after that last break up and can’t find anyone who will give you the love that you deserve.

Honestly, you are never late in love and…

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A disclaimer I do not promise that you will always be happy; no one can be happy all the time because there are things far greater than us that we cannot control, things like death. …

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As humans we all go through hardships, disappointments and a few setbacks but life can be easier if we try to accept a few things…

1. you cannot please everyone, as much as you want to make everyone like you or want to get along with everyone you meet it’s…


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“Being thrown at the bottom of the sea, I had to use all of what was left in me to swim back so I wouldn’t drown in my own misery.”

“It’s easy to fall apart but it is even harder to put all the pieces back together when all you want is to stay broken.”

“Disappearing because the girl who’s staring back at me in the mirror is not who I want to be.”


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I want to find love but not the kind of love you find in 2019.

The kind of love that writers and poets write about.

The kind of love that makes you stay up all night reminiscing about the time spent with them.

I want the kind of love that leaves you breathless and that makes you want to change your wicked ways.

I want the kind of love that makes you stay outside looking at the stars and wondering why the sky is so pretty.

I want the kind of love that makes you want to write a book.

I want the kind of love that bares it all and endures it all.

Indeed, I want the kind love that drives you insane but in a good way. Where you call your friend at 2 am just to talk about them.

Bad day, lonely night.

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You’re not you when you’re feeling this way.

You’re not you when you’re hiding away from everyone.

You’re not you when you’re crying without knowing why.

You’re not you when you’re sad and stay silent.

You change each time your world is breaking apart.

You change each time you cry yourself to sleep.

You change each time you decide to stay silent when you wanted to talk.

You change each time you stop believing in yourself.

You’re not you when you’re apologizing for everything.

You change so much that you don’t even remember who you are anymore.

Those thoughts.

Sleepless nights.

Feeling worthless from time to time.

Feeling pain but don’t know how bad from a scale of 1 to 10.

Hurting but don’t know exactly where or what is hurting.

Wishing you could feel pain.

Wishing you could feel what’s making you cry so much.

A dreamer's mind.

A beautiful sunset, magical nights, fireworks, great stories, good music, exotic cats are the things I live for. Lastly, I devote my life to the one that I love

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